Thursday, October 6, 2016

Medway Library Maker Space is Now Open for Business!

If you would like to use the 3D printer,  you will need to complete the certification process.  You will be shown how to download an object and adjust the size,  the procedure for paying for the object & and how to print the object.

October 20 6:30pm - 3D Printer Certification Registration
October 20 7:00pm - 3D Printer Certification Registration

If you would like to use the Knitting Machine,  you will need to complete the certification process.  You will be shown which yarn to use,  how to set up the needle bed,  how to cast on the yarn, adjust tension and create several rows of stitches.   This will allow you to be able to explore the machine and try different knitting techniques on your own.

more certification sessions coming soon....
If you would like to use the Soldering Iron,  you will need to complete the certification process.  You will be given an overview of the tools required to properly solder electronic components and wires.   You will be shown the proper safety procedures and how to solder and desolder a small electronic component.   

 If you would like to use the Sewing Machines,  you will need to complete the certification process.  You will be shown how to thread and operate the machines.   You will also be given a take home informational handout that you can refer to when you are in the room working on your future project.

October 17 6:15pm - Sewing Machine Certification Registration
October 17 7:00pm - Sewing Machine Certification Registration

October 20 12:15pm - Sewing Machine Certification Registration
October 20 1:00pm - Sewing Machine Certification Registration

To speed up the process, please fill out the Makerspace Waiver and Room Agreement forms prior to certification (parents or guardians must sign for minors).
Forms are available at the circulation desk.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lego Building Club at the Medway Library


The LEGO Building Club!

Sponsored by The Friends of the Medway Library

The next session will be held i

October 26

4-5:00 pm in the Cole room
Lego fans, 1st grade and up, are invited to have fun building Lego Creations based on the theme of the day or they can just free build.    

Creations will be displayed at the library and a digital photo will be emailed to you.
If you have a teenager who may enjoy helping us out with the club, please email Diane at
Thank you to all who have donated Legos or given special donations for us to buy Legos.  We are always looking for more Legos so we can have more children be involved in this fun and creative activity.    We can always use more Green and Blue plates or other building platforms.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Do you have slides that you want to convert to a digital format?

Did you know that the Medway Library Makerspace has a 2 devices to convert Slides, negatives and photos to a digital format?

It also has a machine to convert VHS tapes to a DVD.

check out this article by our very own Meg Hamilton, co-president of the Friends:

PERSPECTIVE: Rediscovering memories in new Maker Space at Medway Library

By Meg Hamilton

I’ve been on a downsizing kick lately and wondered what to do with the hundreds of slides and family VHS tapes that have been stored in my basement closet for decades. I hadn’t viewed them in years, since I have no slide projector and our old VCR is no longer working.
I had thought about having the slides and tapes professionally converted, but it was extremely expensive to do so.
Luckily, I discovered the new Medway Library Makerspace and its equipment that converts slides, negatives, photos, or VHS tapes to digital format.
First I was worried that the technology would be too advanced for me. After all, I once thought I had to rewind a DVD for the next person to view it. But I was amazed at how simple it was to do so using the step- by-step directions.
My first batch of slides was from a trip to Europe in the 1970’s with my best friend, and I immediately started laughing at the photo of her waving to a gargoyle on the roof of Notre Dame. I soon copied all 150 slides and placed them on my flash drive. Later that day I transferred them to a CD and sent them to my friend, who now lives in Virginia. She called me immediately after receiving them, and we reminisced for an hour. I also emailed individual photos to my children who were fascinated to see their mom in her 20’s breaking rules by wading in a Roman fountain to cool off.
As for those old VHS tapes, they were even easier to convert. All I needed were some blank DVDs on which to record. I rediscovered Thanksgiving gatherings at my parents’ home, visits to the zoo with my children, and high school graduations. I sent copies to various family members, all of whom were excited to see these old movies after so many years. And yes, those of us who saw ourselves with permed hair and acid washed jeans were appalled that we were such victims of 80’s fashion.
Despite the fashion risks, I encourage you to check out the new Medway Library Makerspace, especially the slide and VHS tape converters. Maybe the place should be renamed The Space Maker, since I now have much more room in my storage closet. I’ve consolidated and preserved my memories at the same time.
Now that I have finished, I have my eye on the Makerspace’s 3-D printer. Hmmm, maybe I can create some hip new frames for my reading glasses.



Very Successful Booksale!

Ever wonder what a the Friends of the Library Book Sale looked like?

check out the video from May's Bag Sale 
courtesy of Medway Cable Access ... 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Copy of a Letter to the Editor of the Gazette

Letter to the Editor 

     Friends of the Medway Library wishes to thank all those who helped make a successful fall book sale. This year many businesses helped out, including Star Market who donated recyclable bags and Whole Foods who gave large brown paper bags for our Bag Sale. Szechuan Gardens Restaurant in Medway is also a supporter of Friends and donated gift certificates.
      We especially thank all those who have donated books to the library and Friends throughout the year.
But it is the volunteers who help so much. All year long this group of about a dozen people have sorted books, prepped the space and helped during the actual sale. They not only work hard they also have so many good ideas that add to our programs and fundraising for the library.
      Friends also appreciated the Medway Library director Margaret Perkins and all the librarians who give us space and encouragement.
      All money raised by Friends is used for new library materials, programs and museum passes. Friends also sponsors monthly Lego Club and Family movies .
      The next large sale is in May although the Ongoing Book Sale across from the library’s circulation desk is always stocked. Look for the popular Winter Beach Reads Sale beginning in January.
      Check the Friends blog,, for information about donating books, volunteering or programs.

Meg Hamilton and Diane Busa, Co-Presidents
Friends of the Medway Library

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Friends of The Medway Library in the News

Check out the latest article about the Friends from the Country Gazette paper....

AT THE LIBRARY: Friends of Medway Library donate $17K

MEDWAY --  The Friends of the Medway Library presented a check for $17,000 to the library at the June’s trustee meeting. The funds were raised throughout the year from the Friends book sales, donations, and memberships.
Meg Hamilton, co-president of the Friends, acknowledged all the volunteers who spend hours sorting books and planning programs.
“They are the people really responsible for helping to raise so much money for our library. And we have a great time working together, too," she said.
"But we can only raise funds for the library if people continue to donate books and media,” she added. "Why not take the summer to go through the books your children have outgrown or downsize by cleaning off bookshelves? Just drop them off at the library.”
The money raised by the Friends is used to supplement the library budget. According to Medway Library Director Margaret Perkins, “The funds given to the library by the Friends are vitally important and have enabled us to purchase thousands of new books.”
In addition to raising money for the library, the Friends group sponsors free monthly Lego clubs and family movies, the Gingerbread Festival and the Southern Rail Concert. The Friends group also provides discounted passes for Southwick Zoo. Plans for this summer include a Scrabble club as well as a film series for adults.
Major book sales are in May and October, but there is a small ongoing sale near the circulation desk throughout the year. Right now the popular Summer Beach Reads cart has almost-new paperbacks for $1.
Co-President Diane Busa is especially excited about the Medway Library’s future Maker Space and has helped to prepare the new 3D printer. Busa stated, “We are so happy that the Friends is part of the planning committee and hope to help create an area where people can explore interests as well as use some advanced technology.”
For more information about donating, volunteering, or sales and programs, check the Friends website:

The Friends want to thank everyone who participated in our fund raising events (becoming a friend, renewing memberships, May & Oct Books Sales, the Ongoing book sale, etc).  Every penny helps the Library and we would not have had such a successful year without a strong community.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Discount tickets to the Southwick Zoo in Mendon, are available for purchase at the Medway Library circulation desk. The cost of a discount ticket is only $16.00 each!  (Regular prices are $25.00 for an adult and $18.00 for children 3-12 and seniors 62+.)

 The library will ONLY accept a check or cash as payment for the tickets! 

Tickets do not have an expiration date so they make the perfect Holiday and Birthday Gift...