Thursday, July 14, 2016

Do you have slides that you want to convert to a digital format?

Did you know that the Medway Library Makerspace has a 2 devices to convert Slides, negatives and photos to a digital format?

It also has a machine to convert VHS tapes to a DVD.

check out this article by our very own Meg Hamilton, co-president of the Friends:

PERSPECTIVE: Rediscovering memories in new Maker Space at Medway Library

By Meg Hamilton

I’ve been on a downsizing kick lately and wondered what to do with the hundreds of slides and family VHS tapes that have been stored in my basement closet for decades. I hadn’t viewed them in years, since I have no slide projector and our old VCR is no longer working.
I had thought about having the slides and tapes professionally converted, but it was extremely expensive to do so.
Luckily, I discovered the new Medway Library Makerspace and its equipment that converts slides, negatives, photos, or VHS tapes to digital format.
First I was worried that the technology would be too advanced for me. After all, I once thought I had to rewind a DVD for the next person to view it. But I was amazed at how simple it was to do so using the step- by-step directions.
My first batch of slides was from a trip to Europe in the 1970’s with my best friend, and I immediately started laughing at the photo of her waving to a gargoyle on the roof of Notre Dame. I soon copied all 150 slides and placed them on my flash drive. Later that day I transferred them to a CD and sent them to my friend, who now lives in Virginia. She called me immediately after receiving them, and we reminisced for an hour. I also emailed individual photos to my children who were fascinated to see their mom in her 20’s breaking rules by wading in a Roman fountain to cool off.
As for those old VHS tapes, they were even easier to convert. All I needed were some blank DVDs on which to record. I rediscovered Thanksgiving gatherings at my parents’ home, visits to the zoo with my children, and high school graduations. I sent copies to various family members, all of whom were excited to see these old movies after so many years. And yes, those of us who saw ourselves with permed hair and acid washed jeans were appalled that we were such victims of 80’s fashion.
Despite the fashion risks, I encourage you to check out the new Medway Library Makerspace, especially the slide and VHS tape converters. Maybe the place should be renamed The Space Maker, since I now have much more room in my storage closet. I’ve consolidated and preserved my memories at the same time.
Now that I have finished, I have my eye on the Makerspace’s 3-D printer. Hmmm, maybe I can create some hip new frames for my reading glasses.