About Us

Mission Statement:   Friends is a non-profit volunteer organization established in 1977.  Our mission is to provide funding to enhance library services, to increase the use of the library through programs and public awareness, and to advocate for strong public library support.  All of our funds are raised through our book sales, memberships, and donations.  With tight municipal budgets, your tax-deductible donation to the library means more than ever.
In the 2019-2020 fiscal year, we accomplished the following:
  • Gave over $17,000 to the library for new materials and programs
  • Obtained or funded free museum or discount passes
  • Funded parts of various library programs
  • Strengthened partnerships with Medway High School National Honor Society and other school clubs
  • Fostered a sense of community by connecting with the Medway community Farm, the Historical Society, and Girl Scouts
  • Maintained an ongoing book sale in the upstairs library
  • Collected book donations throughout the year
  • Held the bi-annual book sales
  • Obtained grants and monetary donations for new computers in the Makerspace and other programs
In addition, Friends sponsors:
  • Gingerbread Festival for 140 children
  • Free Children Film Series
  • A Lego Club

Friends of the Medway Library Officers
Co-President: Diane Busa
Co-President:  Karyl Wong
Treasurer:  Corinne Fahey
Secretary:  Christa Branigan
Publicity Editor:  
Book Room Coordinator:  Ken Masterson

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